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A survey conducted by FlexiSpy , another company in this space, found that the majority of their own customers were interested in spyware because they believed their partner may be cheating.

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In an email to Motherboard, Xnore claimed the majority of its customers are parents monitoring their children. Even if that were the case, the breach is still a significant threat towards those children and their parents. When Motherboard verified the website vulnerability, we were able to view text messages and other information from an infected phone. When users download the Xnore app, they are provided a mobile identifier; a string of characters and numbers unique to their device. Xnore offers a free trial so anyone can download the software and start intercepting communications.

Although the map itself appeared to be non-functional at the time of viewing, a dropdown menu let users select from a slew of mobile identifiers. Motherboard ran a script to extract all of the mobile identifiers included in the exposed data, and found over 28, in total. That number matches the total number of Xnore targets the hacker says they found.

Once a user has downloaded the app, they can simply add another mobile identifier to their account. This then grants them access to all of the information that whoever planted the malware on the phone in the first place was collecting.

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Motherboard chose a random mobile identifier from the list of tens of thousands, provided it to the hacker, and then the hacker shared his own account login details with consent. In this case, that data included text messages and a list of phone calls made and received. The site also gave an option to download a spreadsheet of all the intercepted text messages.

With a free account, a user can add one device to their account at a time, while with a paid Xnore account users are able to monitor more. In an online chat, FlexiSpy claimed it had no connection to Xnore. And this is just the latest data breach to impact this industry more generally.

Privacy is tricky to protect, but it's surprisingly easy to understand. Your privacy can relate to anything from your music and movie tastes, your text messages with that person you really like, or something as personal as your religion, beliefs, or views.

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It can also relate to where you are, who you talk to, your private information -- such as a contacts list or your documents and photos. Privacy only really exists when you have control over it. You put a passcode on your phone to prevent someone else from accessing your private information. Privacy relies on the protection of your data.

After spending a week with the Priv, I can tell you from the three most used apps on this phone:. As I said in my review : "The police turning up at your door saying you got burgled isn't effective law enforcement. It's stating a fact, and hoping you feel reassured by it. That data came from a in-built app called DTEC , which measures the health of your Priv smartphone, based on whether you have a strong lock code, device data encryption, and have certain options on and off, depending on the preference.

In short, it's a weak privacy app. It doesn't prevent your data from being slurped up by the various apps you use, nor does it give you an option to do much about it -- except uninstall the apps. And let's face it, nobody is going to uninstall Facebook.

XNSPY review 12222: why spy apps will never beat legal monitoring ones?

BlackBerry clearly went in with the best of intentions for this device. For the fact that you've got phone developers thinking about privacy is a rare sight in this day and age, of data breaches, hacks and government surveillance. The problem is, you can't half-ass privacy and security. One trip in the system and you can bring the whole veil of protection down. But marketing this phone as a privacy phone is borderline dangerous for those who think, perhaps naively, that this phone will protect their privacy. The Blackphone 2 , another Android-based phone which we reviewed earlier this year, actively mitigates apps and services from grabbing a user's data.

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And yet there will be people who have "nothing to hide. This is a good phone for Android users, and it's a great phone for BlackBerry loyalists. It's a smart, usable, accessible and customizable device with a hardware keyboard that all too many people have missed over the years. And there are some positive security-focused additions to the software, including kernel hardening, adding hardware root-of-trust to prevent rootkit malware and device tampering, and also over-the-air security hotfix patches that can override the carrier's approval for those all too often Android security emergencies.

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