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So if it matches your needs then follow our recommendations and install this spy software to start smart monitoring. With large number of features this app will help you in tracking iPhone users no matter do they want it or not. Use all its power to keep an eye on your target person! Functions of the iPhone Tracker Flexispy iPhone spying app provides you will all required information on your id, spouse or employee.

Situations you will require Flexispy app the most The app has lots of rivals, but it is still in demand. So it will be quite useful in the following cases: First situation means you have iPhone. This Apple device is so popular nowadays that Flexispy app developers decided to make special version for iOS users. So no matter which kind of Apple phone you have the software will be compliant with all of them.

The variety of features of this app on iPhone is the same as for other operating systems. It includes call monitoring, location tracking, messages spying, etc. Second one centers around parents with little child or teenager. The common phone for them is a source of danger and bad influence. You become nervous, suspect your child in everything your brain can imagine and ruin your relationships. To avoid such situations the Flexispy app for iPhone device It helps you in monitoring all kinds of child activity, including social media profiles, calls, messages, GPS location tracking, etc.

You run own business and your employees use iPhone devices. Nowadays our cell phones become more upgraded then personal computers, so people have a desire to use it in own purposes even during the work day. To prevent such situations you may inform them you start using monitoring app to control them via phones. Be sure it will increase your workers attention and studiousness. You suspect your spouse not to be honest. Be patient and find out the truth about your beloved. If your spouse uses iPhone than Flexispy will be compliant with its operating system.

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  • FlexiSPY for iPhone now Supports iOS 11.0-11.1.2.
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Believe that this app will definitely make your life easier and divest you of fears. See below the changes in each version:.

Flexispy Review for iPhone and Android: Does It Really Work?

Download FlexiSpy iPhone. Add a review Tell us your experience with FlexiSpy iPhone 4. Main features include: - Listen remotely to any Download Rating:. Main features include: - Log any sent and received This app provides its users with the information that can shed the light on what the target phone user is up Continue to app Rating:. Although the Internet provides many opportunities to learn something new and develop oneself, it also brings risks for kids.

Effective digital parenting is a skill. You can learn how to recognize fake online friends and teach your kid to be careful when texting with strangers. With modern parental controls like FlexiSPY, you can prevent real danger. Another reason to use FlexiSPY software is to monitor your employees. With monitoring app, you will be able to maintain sustainable development of your company. FlexiSPY will help you establish discipline in the workplace.

Moreover, you will be able to prevent company data leaks. You can also use FlexiSPY to control the personal device remotely.

Check any activity and track the location of your smartphone with FlexiSPY. To install FlexiSPY on the target smartphone, you should first purchase a subscription plan. When the payment is submitted, you will receive a confirmation letter. In the letter, you will find your login credentials and file with installation guidelines. Installation of the app cannot be performed remotely. You require physical access to the phone to get started. Note that rooting is not an easy process. If you decide to root the smartphone, note that you may face some security risks.

Install the application following guidelines.

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  5. After the installation, you will need to set the app. You can also hide the FlexiSPY icon from the user. One FlexiSPY license is valid for one device. That means if you want to spy on two devices, you will have to buy two licenses. You change the target device anytime. If you want to stop monitoring one device and start spying on another, you can deactivate the license on one device and activate it on another.

    You can move the license unlimited number of times. Make sure the device you want to license too is compatible with the FlexiSPY software. To install the software on Android smartphone, you will need to obtain physical access. The device can be either rooted or not. Root access is required to spy on messages exchanged on social media and record VOIP call logs. Extreme plan offers some other features that require root.

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    These are live listening, surroundings recording, and application activity. Mind this fact, before purchasing the software. The FlexiSPY software stop working when the device is turned off. Such malfunctioning occurs due to jailbreak. When the phone is restarted, jailbreak reverts configuration to the previous non-jailbroken condition. Thus, you need to jailbreak device again. To restart the app, restore configuration on an iPhone. Follow the jailbreaking instructions provided on the FlexiSPY official site. How to move the software from one smartphone to another?

    Many FlexiSPY users delete the software from target devices to deactivate it. Remote SMS command also can deactivate the software.

    How to Install FlexiSpy on iOS iPhone or iPad

    After deactivation, you will have to uninstall the software. Uninstallation can be performed remotely. If you prefer using SMS commands, you can send one, which will trigger the uninstallation of the app. Only when the software is completely removed from the target device, you can install and activate it on another device. Where can you find your license key? The license key is your activation key.

    So where to find the key? FlexiSPY lets users decide whether to keep the app icon on the dashboard or hide. Running in a stealth mode the software stays invisible. Hiding the FlexiSPY software is easy. Go to the settings of the app and turn on foreground mode. What are the reasons for hiding the app? After the Android phone is rooted, user can notice SU icon on the dashboard of the device. Hide it from the user to eliminate risks. Installing the FlexiSPY software on your personal device is legal. Using the FlexiSPY software, you acknowledge that:. Employers can also check the activity of their employees legally.

    But, the employer has to own the devices, which are monitored. Though, it is not legal to install the FlexiSPY software on the device, which belongs to someone else. The application stops working when your plan is over. You can renew the subscription manually from your online portal. Renewal is the prolongation of your current subscription.

    FlexiSPY Review: Does FlexiSPY Extreme Really Work?

    If you primarily went for three months of FlexiSPY use, you can renew adding another three months. To renew your current subscription plan, go to your account. How to upgrade? If you intend to change your current plan to more advanced, you need to upgrade your subscription. You can upgrade to Extreme plan from Premium. Or you can go for 12 months subscription instead of 3 months.